Equipment Needed

Besides your own body, all you need for this program is something to do rows with. There are a ton of options out there. From TRX straps to rings. You may even already have access to something. If not, here are a few options you can get online or at your local sporting goods store/

Jungle Gym XT (Personal Favorite)

TRX - Many models to pick from

Off Brand but Similar

You could also use gymnastic rings. The main thing that you need to watch for all of these is a way to hang them in your home. I am a fan of the ones I listed because they come with over door mounts that you can just use any door in your home to hang them. Just ensure for whatever you go with, you have a way to use them at home. Many things out there such as gymnastic rings need to wrap around a beam or pull up bar, unless you buy a door adaptor.


You will likely also want some sort of a timer, since much of the workouts are time based. You could use a stopwatch or the one on your phone. If you want to get fancy, there are many apps and physical timers that are nice as well.

Gymboss - Physical Timer (Gymboss | Amazon)

Seconds Pro - iOS and Android

Just search around, there are tons of them out there, both paid and free