Kickboxing: New Student Accelerator

Just started your Kickboxing journey? This accelerator course is for you!

Your Instructor

Rob Schreiner
Rob Schreiner

Rob is a mixed martial artist with a background in boxing and kickboxing. He takes an immersion learning approach to coaching, informed by modern developments in the science of motor learning. Off the mats, Rob is an actor, musician, philosopher, and lover of novelty.

I don't even know what a Jab or a 3 is!

What are all of these crazy numbers!?

I'm feeling extra goofy on my feet!

If you are in your first few months of Kickboxing this course is for you. Get some general knowledge on techniques, strikes, details, footwork and combos to help you get on your feet fast (or better yet, stay on your feet) during kickboxing class!

This course is closed for enrollment.