Life Mastery Training


Neutral Ground's New 1-on-1 Mentorship Program

🤔 IMAGINE a 12 month curriculum you and your child can do together to BOND...

🤔 IMAGINE your child learning LIFE CHANGING SKILLS they aren’t teaching in school…

🤔 IMAGINE giving your child the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over everyone their age...

Skills that children need now a days are so much different than what was needed when we were growing up...

😨 An education alone won't be enough - with things like AI and machine learning coming in to the workforce - they need real world skills

🙀 Children are already behind because our schools aren't always teaching these real world skills

😵Social media - It can be terrible, negative, create uncertainty, lead to anxiety and children need a strategy on how to handle it.

Weekly Fireside Chats
Weekly Fireside Chats

Weekly group chats utilizing the mastermind principle (the power of many brains) to accelerate your child's development

Monthly 1-on-1 Reports
Monthly 1-on-1 Reports

Sessions as a family with your child's mentor to discuss progress and what is next in your child's journey through the program

Weekly 15 Minute Coaching Calls
Weekly 15 Minute Coaching Calls

Private calls with your child's mentor to discuss their current module, progress, and to help in any area of their lives we can

Life Mastery Facebook Group
Life Mastery Facebook Group

To connect in real time with other children, parents and mentors in the program

Quarterly Challenges
Quarterly Challenges
Fun quarterly challenges with rewards to help push children to their full potential
New York Times Best Selling Author Nir Eyal Indistractable Challenge
Indistractable Challenge
From New York Times
Best Selling Author Nir Eyal

Here is the map of what your child's journey, knowledge and skills they will acquire and apply, will be through our Life Mastery program

Life Mastery Foundation Map

Access to special in person and virtual events including guest speakers

💪 Do this WITH your child. The bonding and interaction will leave you with powerful connections as a family.

Keep them focused on positive life building skills and start their Life Mastery Journey today